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    Upcoming devices:

    1- 6233/6300 successor will be announced few months after the 6500s hits shelves:

    * 3.2mpx camera, CZ optics, AF but LED flash
    * 3G
    * Front video cam
    * Metallic parts
    * Conservative design
    2- E71 is E61i successor:

    * will be announced around 3GSM.
    * availability in Q2.
    * wifi
    * HSDPA
    * GPS
    * dimensions and weight: 57x112x10mm 120g.
    * 3mpx camera.
    * has full support for device and memory card encryption.
    * is smaller than E61i/E61/E62.

    Spy pic of the E71

    3- E66 is E65 update with:

    * will be announced around 3GSM.
    * availability in Q2.
    * GPS
    * HSDPA
    * some metal parts.
    * 3mpx camera.
    * has full support for device and memory cared encryption.

    4- 3555 is a low-end S40 3G phone with 128x160 display. (see pics in second post)
    5- Linux-based internet tablet with Wi-Max.
    6- 5710 Xpress Music:

    * 5700 lookalike with black casing.
    * 3mpx camera.
    * 23h music playback time.
    * S60 3rd edition FP1 or 2.

    7- the first finger-touch based S60 device:

    * will come after nov-2008.
    * will most probably be a 9xxx or 4xxx.

    8- There's an N82 variant in the works, RM-314.
    9- The Next all-in-one flagship from nokia is planned for the end of summer 2008 (Q3)
    10- an Nseries music flagship planned for 350-380euro winter autumn-2008 jam-packed with accessories in the box.
    11- 6110Nav replacement:

    * 3mpx camera with autofocus.
    * HSDPA.
    * around July.

    12- 6600 classic is a metallic clamshell and is the moto V8 competitor.

    Following strategy:

    * Nokia showcased a new finger touch based S60 UI at Go-play event, and announced it in symbian smartphone show, devices will come in 2008.
    * All upcoming Nseries will have wifi and 3.5mm jack!
    * Future music phones from nokia will come with high quality headphones made by phillips like these, 5700 was just the start.
    * S40 5th edition phones will support java multitasking in Q1 2008.
    * There will be only ONE touch S60 device for 2008.
    * No VGA displays for mass market for at least a year.
    * Nokia will soon start using a new "back key" in their phones.
    * we'll see OMAP2430/1 based devices from nokia in 2008.
    * Nokia will bring two to three devices with DVB-H next year.

    Upcoming events:

    * Mobile world congress (3GSM) - Barcelona, February 11-14, 2008.
    * CeBIT - Hannover, march 4-9, 2008.
    * CTIA wireless 2008 - Las Vigas, april 1-3, 2008.
    * Nokia annual general meeting, may 8, 2008.