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Nokia N82 Black version

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    The Finland giant Nokia silently released the highly expected and speculated Nokia N82 Black version. The phone appeared nowhere else but in the USA Nokia online store with an "Unlocked" status. The sleek Nokia N82 Black version is already available for purchase at a price of $629.00 with free shipping for USA.


    Let's refresh your memory with the Nokia N82 main features, starting with the HSDPA with video calls and quad-band GSM support. The 100MB of integrated memory is complemented by the microSD memory slot. The 2.4" 16M color QVGA TFT display is among the other highlights.

    Nokia N82, a phone we reviewed in detail, is pretty much identical in hardware to the N95. It has 5 megapixel autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss optics, capable of capturing 30fps MPEG4 videos at VGA resolution, and has a TV-out port to watch those on your TV set.

    The most significant difference to the Nokia N95 is however the built-in xenon flash which highlights the photo-centric nature of the Nokia N82, as well as the screen auto rotation.

    You also have built-in GPS receiver that works with Nokia Maps. Compatibility with third-party software is not confirmed yet.

    Meanwhile Nokia released three new titles from the new N-Gage platform. They may not be much but it seems to us as if the official start of the N-gage is just around the corner. After all it was about time as Nokia have been promising it for quite a while now.

    The three new titles are: Space Impact: Kappa Base, System Rush: Evolution and Creatures of the deep. However, as we managed to confirm only the first was somewhat amusing. At this stage the games are only compatible with Nokia N81 (it's good that we have one around) but soon the other N-Gage enabled devices owners will be able to enjoy them.

    Still we hope Nokia hurries with the full-scale start of the gaming platform as the users are becoming increasingly impatient with these delays.